Dating apps, there are many on the internet, but not all of them match what you are looking for.

Tinder is THE new application of the moment, the one that will allow bachelors to find the love of their life … or their night! Dating site on smartphone, Tinder is based on the geolocation system and allows its users to chat with men and women located nearby.

They invaded our phones and computers. Bound between Facebook and the icon of our mailbox, dating apps bloom. Notifications of “matches”, “charms” and other “crushes” are multiplying. In just a few short years, this emerging trend has become a blade of substance.

Easy to flip through as a catalog, the Tinder app that claims 2 billion “matches” made in a few clicks since the end of 2012, sails somewhere between cynicism, desire for efficiency and dream of real encounter.

Tinder, an app for dating!

Tinder is one of the flagship applications of the year 2013. Everyone talks about it and surely has a single friend who frequents this new way to meet people. The principle is simple and based on the geolocation system: after downloading the app on his smartphone, we log on via his Facebook ID, which allows Tinder to recover our photos, our age, our sexual orientation and especially our location . The app then offers us photos of men or women around us and asks us to “liker” or “disliker” them. If there is “mutual match”, that is to say that the two people have “liked” each other their photo, they can discuss together on the app … and meet in the stride, since theoretically, they are not far from each other!

The app, very addictive to believe its users, offers a fast, simple and effective way to meet people. Result, full cardboard for Tinder which has grown dazzlingly in recent months.

Each day more than 3.5 million “matches” took place on his app. However, if Tinder is successful today, the concept is far from new: Grindr, a geolocation app to facilitate encounters between men, gays or bisexuals, already existed for several years. This does not prevent his “hetero version” from working very well, since last January, Tinder already had 35 million profiles.

This is the future of dating sites!

Tinder’s localization system is very nice. Because of this, it is easier to meet the person, it is done in the wake of the discussion.
That is not all. Geolocation has also become essential. By crossing or evolving within a restricted area, users of the same application are put in contact on the network. By affinity or by proximity, these sites all promise to help us find the elect of our heart in a click.

Unlike a classic dating site, on Tinder, you meet the person very quickly, thus avoiding all the stress part of before appointment.

Find someone near you with a single swipe of your finger.

For several weeks, A fashion editor for a British weekly magazine, has a problem: at the editorial meetings of her magazine, her assistants are hypnotized by their smartphone screen, on which they perform the same frenzied thumb , from left to right. Intrigued, she imagines a new game in fashion. She is not totally wrong: these young women surf on Tinder, an ultra lucid application of encounters, which radically redefines the rules of seduction and relationships between the sexes.

Created by a group of young California entrepreneurs, the app (whose name refers to a fuel) really took off last year. The principle is simple: we register via Facebook, You create a profileĀ  composed of your name and some photos. One chooses the sex and the age group that interest. There, Tinder geolocates profiles adapted to the request. Nothing is known of them except for mutual friends and shared interests. If the person’s face is to his taste, swipe (slide the finger) to the right; If it is a no, left.

During a mutual validation, a “match” is obtained, thus a possibility of chatting. Thus, one avoids the amorous disappointments, and also to be solicited by someone who does not like us.

Tinder for PC:

Tinder dating site is also available on PC as a Desktop version, you can download it and use it like the mobile app for free.

Tinder Overview

How it works ? The application works via Facebook, it allows to have an account with a complete personal description. The users’ interests are displayed, which saves a lot of time. You can scroll profiles according to the criteria you choose yourself (gender, age, geographical position). When you have done your registration and you have informed your tastes and desires, comes the time to embark on profiling profiles and looking for “matches”. The application works by geolocation, it presents you only the profiles of people located near your location, within a radius that you can define between 2 and 161 km.

Charmer on Tinder Profiles of women or men will appear on the screen, you will have to “swipe” to the right if the profile you like, or to the left if you do not have interest. If you like a person’s profile, and liked yours; There is “match”. From this moment can start the discussion. If one of the two people decides to zap, then there can be no conversation.

Facebook and Tinder:

two connected profiles To register on Tinder, you must give your Facebook address. Anyone who clicks on your Tinder profile will have access to your personal little bazaar that you expose on your Facebook profile. Tinder allows you to synchronize your pages “Likes” on Facebook, and your tastes presented on the application. So be sure to monitor your Tinder profile but also your Facebook profile.

Tinder is a free application but there are paid options Since March, the free version of the application is limited to 50 “likes” per day. The paid version offers the “Passport” option, which allows you to view profiles from around the world, even if you are not yet in the country concerned. There is also the option “Swipe” which allows to cancel your last like.